The Alliance for Family Friend and Neighbor Child Care (AFFNCC) was formed in August 2011 to build a collaborative Alliance of family, friend and neighbor partners with the interest and commitment to serve this population of child care providers and the children they serve through an integrated system of services. The Alliance members share a passion for serving children, a commitment to long-term collaboration, cooperation and a focus on engaging and empowering the early childhood community and the community at large about issues surrounding family friend and neighbor care. The Alliance has a bias for action, especially those actions that directly result in improving the outcome for children in all early care settings.

The Alliance website serves as a dissemination portal for practitioners, early childhood stakeholders, researchers and policy makers, and has been designed to:

  • Provide a resource for policy makers, media and community members;
  • Increase communication among early childhood stakeholders involved with EC systems building and professional development alignment;
  • Increase communication within and among the FFN service provider community;
  • Provide effective practice information for program developers and service providers;
  • Increase communication among researchers; and
  • Increase public awareness about FFN caregivers and the children they serve.

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Alliance for Family, Friend and Neighbor Child Care Webinar #4
Increasing Cultural and Social Capital by Linking Family, Friend, and Neighbor Providers to
Resources in the Early Childhood System